An Efficient Design of a Basic Autonomous Vehicle Based on CAN Bus


  • Zeina Ali Computer and Information Engineering Department, Ninevah University / Electronics Engineering College, Mosul- 41002, Iraq. | Department of Computer Engineering, University of Mosul / College of Engineering, Mosul-41002, Iraq.
  • Qutaiba I Ali Department of Computer Engineering, University of Mosul / College of Engineering, Mosul-41002, Iraq.



Electronic Control Unit, CANoe, Controller Area Network, Autonomous Vehicles


The evolution of autonomous vehicles (AVs) has captured widespread interest lately, offering prospects for enhanced road safety, alleviation of traffic congestion, and heightened fuel efficiency. The essential role of Controller Area Network (CAN) bus protocols in the operational integrity of AVs is undeniable. This research outlines the architecture of an elementary autonomous vehicle predicated on diverse CAN bus frameworks. We introduce a design that integrates a multiplexed CAN bus arrangement, fostering streamlined interactions among the AV's various subsystems. This design is inherently scalable, promoting ease of modification in step with evolving autonomous vehicular technologies. The paper delves into the intricacies encountered throughout the design phase and articulates the methodologies adopted to surmount these obstacles. Empirical simulations substantiate the efficacy of our design, underscoring its dependability and strength across a multitude of vehicular contexts. Fundamentally, this design lays the groundwork for the advancement of sophisticated AVs, thereby contributing to the realization of optimized vehicular ecosystems.


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