Enhancing and Securing Telemedicine Services in Disaster Recovery Operations with Sustainable Communication Infrastructure and Blockchain Technology


  • Qutaiba Ibrahim Ali Department of Computer Engineering, University of Mosul, Mosul- 41002, Iraq




Telemedicine services, DRN infrastructure, Network reliability, Wireless solar router, Solar energy harvesting, Power management, Fault tolerance techniques, Blockchain technology


This paper investigates a multifaceted approach to fortifying telemedicine services within a self-powered Disaster Recovery Network (DRN) infrastructure. It introduces an array of innovative methodologies and algorithms tailored to address the logistical complexities of constructing an environmentally friendly DRN infrastructure. Additionally, it delves into the fundamental factors influencing the system's behavior, defines key performance indicators, and outlines performance measurement techniques. The study emphasizes the critical need for seamless integration of diverse reliability methods by introducing a novel blockchain-based DRN clustering algorithm, coupled with an intelligently managed solar energy system. Specifically, it presents the "Duty Cycle Estimation (DCE) – Event Driven Duty Cycling (EDDC)" technique using the Ubicom IP 2022 platform. Moreover, it proposes an experimental platform for comprehensive evaluation, assessing network performance, practicality, power efficiency, and resilience under various failure scenarios. This comprehensive assessment serves to advance the field and pave the way for robust and reliable telemedicine services in the face of disaster.


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