PLC Communication using OOK/ASK Modulation for Automatic Meter Reading Systems for Smart Metering in Rural Smart Micro-Grids


  • B. V. Rajanna Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, R.K. College of Engineering, Kethanakonda-521456, Andhra Pradesh, India


Power Line Communication , Smart Micro-Grid, Smart Metering, Automatic Meter Reading, OOK/ASK and FSK Demodulator and Modulator


Smart Grids are in performance an essential role in the current world. The current research efforts on these smart grids involve the advance in the turf of Smart Metering. The most costly, modest and straightforward to feast out abilities lie in Power Line Communications (PLC), which manufactured them useful in electric grids. Smart Metering in smart grid uses PLC technology in various architectures of LV grid. This paper proposes a scheme for a Smart Metering network with PLC expertise consuming on-off keying/amplitude-shift keying (OOK/ASK'S) Modulation. PLC with AMR schemes hand-me-down in energy conveyance system and recording, usages of illicit electricity by sleuthing because of the current network. More particularly in rural areas, the PLC with AMR Systems can minimize theft and illegal use electricity, which raises the power distribution authorities' revenue. Dissolute and Consistent meter analysis gathering with minor mistakes can be accomplished AMR Systems, which removes the requirement of physically construing meters. The anticipated system for current meters has remained in MATLAB/Simulink software.


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