THD Analysis of Non Linear Load


  • J. S. S. Raju Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Universal College of Engineering and Technology, Dokiparru, Peracharla, Guntur, India 522005


Washing Machine, Harmonics, THDi , Non Linear Load


The use of non-linear loads results in harmonic distortion which has an impact on the poor quality of power in the electric power system so it is necessary to pay attention to the limits of harmonics by predetermined standards to find out the amount of harmonic content a washing machine, it is necessary to measure the harmonic value using a measuring instrument specifics. This Paper Described a Measurement is carried out on a washing machine brand A with load and no-load conditions, A results analyzed for the harmonic distortion conditions contained therein after which a comparison will be made with the predetermined loaded and nonleaded conditions. Measurement on the washing machine brand A when the condition is loaded produces a distorted harmonic current (THDi) which is greater than at no load and still below the permissible standard.


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